My Little Secret for Being a Successful Writer

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It’s no secret that “making it” in the writing world is rather difficult. Thousands before me, and thousands after, have or will have attempted the tumultuous journey of not only getting works published, but to become self-sufficient as an author. … Continued

Poll Time: Team Anna, Ava or Sonja?

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Poll time! The Protectorate is full of strong abled women who aren’t at all afraid of ruffling a few feathers. So, which team would you choose? (These are characters I’d like to see cast;-)) Team Anna, Team Ava or Team … Continued

Want Success? Embrace the GRIND — Kristen Lamb’s Blog

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Fantastic blog post by Kristen Lamb, and she hits the nail on the head with staying on the long path of being a successful author. Moreover, her points for authors translate into other arenas of life and careers. So, sit … Continued

Review Time!

    A very special thanks goes out to author/reviewer, and all around fantastic human being, H. Eugene! Not only are his books spellbinding with phenomenal plots and characters, he publishes spectacular books with a speed that leaves my head … Continued