Things I Learned While Researching For a Book: Herbals

Researching for the Kaitlynn Dahl Mystery Series led to a fun exercise in procrastination but with benefits. Let me explain. My full-time job lands squarely in the realm of healthcare. More specifically, I’m a registered drug dealer. Pharmacy and herbals … Continued

Do You Believe in Ghosts?

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Ghosts, spirits, demons, specters, phantoms, shadow figures, souls, or wraiths… the list goes on as to what some describe as paranormal. According to a HuffPost/YouGov poll posted in a USA Today post, approximately 45% believe in ghosts. What about you? … Continued

Lemon Cake to Celebrate My Grandfather’s Birthday: RIP

Today’s a special day. It’s time for lemon cake! Why? Because it’s my grandfather’s birthday (bestefar in Norwegian). Sadly, he died from cancer before I was born. However, today I celebrate his life with lemon cake! Don’t know why I’ve … Continued