imageThe Trifecta: God Will Never Forget This Day by H. Eugene entails the trials and tribulations of Myles Julian Larson. Born under unusual circumstances, Myles grows up and flourishes in a loving family environment with an innate compulsion to save the world. Dreams of becoming something other than a police officer or fireman grows distant as a series of events thrusts Myles into an unknown world revolving around a lost gospel known as The Book of Velrusa.

Through the Vatican’s centuries long cover-ups and a secret society sworn to thwart the one known simply as The Unopposed, Myles struggles to figure out his role in a series of unfortunate events, leaving him feeling extreme loss, confusion, fear and anger. Myles, tasked with finding the Holy Book of Velrusa, must decipher its long-hidden secrets that foretell the fate of not only himself, but that of the world.

H. Eugene wields a world of deception, corruption, and eventual manifest destiny into a thought-provoking and entertaining read as a debut novel. Twists and turns abound, and is a testament to H. Eugene’s grasp of plot development. The characters are diverse in their likeability creating a varied array of emotions culminating in utter contempt of the antagonist by book’s end.

I believe one note of caution, like that of Dan Brown’s The DaVinci Code, The Trifecta: God Will Never Forget This Day revolves around biblical elements as the title implies. However, H. Eugene explicitly and eloquently addresses his work as fictional in nature at the beginning of his book.

Other than some formatting and sequencing hiccups, the book takes the reader on a roller coaster ride of murder, thrills, and suspense, and as a debut novel, I look forward to H. Eugene’s future endeavors as he continues to perfect his craft! You may find more information about the book and author on Amazon or visit his website at

Happy reading!


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