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Who doesn’t like a good mystery every now and then? Growing up, I read anything and everything the local library had. From romance to adventure, I ate it up. Nothing’s changed! Although these days, I’ve navigated towards mysteries. Robert Galbraith, Dan Brown, and Brad Meltzer can weave quite the tale, but I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention an all-time favorite: Sue Grafton. Her alphabet books kept me going through good and bad times, and she cast in me a deep desire to write all things mystery.

Now, I sit behind my computer pounding the keyboard, plotting one mystery after the next. It’s a dream come true, and it never gets old. For those of you that know me, I’ve published two books in the Protectorate series. Both The Protectorate and The Guardians are a labor of love. They are mysteries in their own right, and I’m continuing on in the series. But another love has my juices flowing now, too. That’s the world of cozy mystery. For those unfamiliar, here’s a good review.

Why now?

So, why now? Why write in two separate genres? Good question. I’ve thought about this a lot over the past few months. While my Protectorate series is under the Mystery, Thriller, Suspense genre, Cozy Mysteries allow me to make up a fictional town, with fascinating characters (like the Protectorate), and delve into the complexities of our relationships. Plus, there’s nothing that beats a good mystery! From childhood to now, I love, love, love trying to figure out whodunit. All thanks to my mom!

The Protectorate Continues

Never fear though, Anna’s NOT going anywhere. I’ll continue her path down the dark road she faces in the Protectorate series. Likewise, I’m inviting you to explore the adventures of Kaitlynn Dahl. A photographer by choice, she lives in the fictional small town of Silverthorne, Oregon. Right down the road from Portland, Silverthorne sports wineries, resorts, a thriving town square, and a cast of characters that jump off the page and into your hearts. Friendships, careers, trysts, and secrets swirl in the air and make the atmosphere ripe for murder. Can Kaitlynn solve the murder of her best friend Detective Max Stone, or will she be next on the list?

As you can see, Kaitlynn’s got a lot on her plate. I can’t wait for you all to get to know her and the quaint town of Silverthorne, Oregon. Best of all, you get another series to enjoy! Plus, you’ll enjoy some recipes to boot.

The Kaitlynn Dahl Mysteries

Thus, be on the lookout for The Kaitlynn Dahl Mysteries coming soon to Amazon! And drop me an email or comment below if the mood suits you. Also, be sure to leave a review of The Protectorate and The Guardians! And if you haven’t already, take the Tribe Quiz, subscribe for updates ( I never give out your email addresses AND you get the first 5 chapters of The Protectorate FREE), and read Anna’s Journal.

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