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From my latest adventure into Cozy Mystery, I’ve mentioned my latest treasure being set in the fictional town of Silverthorne, Oregon. If you’re going to visit, then you’d better get some tasty tidbits about the place first. So today I’d like to formally introduce my readers to the quaint town of Silverthorne, it’s history, and why I picked this location for my series.

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Oregon’s Wineries

First off, Oregon’s got some great wineries, y’all! And if you’re into Pinot Noir, then the Willamette Valley is the place to be in the United States. Don’t believe me, then read this. There are hundreds of vineyards in Oregon; the southern part of the state boasting fruitier and less expensive wines to the Pinot Noir of northern Oregon. And if you’re not into wine, you’re no friend of mine(just kidding!), then what about IPA?!?!

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Beer, Anyone???

I mean, Come On, right?! There’s a beverage for everyone. Oregon along with the rest of the Pacific Northwest is home to some of the best microbreweries around. If you’re significant other isn’t so much into whineries, uh um, I mean wineries, then go halfzies. They get some wine and you get some beer. Look at that! Both sides win.

While the tasty nip of alcohol tingles the tongue, Oregon is also home to all types of outdoor activities. It has ski resorts (perfect for character crashes), fantastic hiking trails (watch out for falling limbs), and don’t forget the coastline.

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The sand. The fog. The Goonies. Wait, sorry. My bad. Where was I? Oh yes. The washed up body. Okay, so a little morbid, but that’s what mystery authors do. And that’s why you keep coming back for more!

As you can see, Oregon’s the perfect place for a Cozy Mystery. And I might just have a lifelong ambition to move there. Of course, there is that. That and a massive teen crush on Sean Astin which has absolutely NOTHING to do with anything. Other than he filmed The Goonies there, which is how I fell in love with the state to begin with.

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Did I mention my teen crush on Sean Astin. Because I don’t think I’ve driven that point home enough. I have? Okay. *begrudgingly tears my gaze away from his picture*

Silverthorne, Oregon

Moving right along, Oregon has the right atmosphere for a Cozy Mystery, and a Cozy Mystery you will receive!

Silverthorne is nestled in the Willamette Valley area of Oregon state. Surrounded by wineries, B&Bs, and resorts, the town boasts a permanent population of around 7,000 but swells to over 20,000 during peak season. From conferences to couch races, the town brings in all sorts of folks. But the one thing that shines through is the heart of the townspeople.

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And if that’s not enough, then you might find the origins of this beloved place a bit fascinating. According to legend, Silverthorne was founded by Ol’ Man Willie. Crossing the country seeking his fortune for his family back in Tennessee, Willie trekked along the Oregon Trail in the 1840s, family in tow, behind a team of oxen on a covered wagon traversing through wind, torrential rains, and piles of snow. They finally reached the new frontier. Threadbare, grumbling bellies, and aching bones, they all set to work. And from their toil, the first home of Silverthorne was erected.

But Why Call It Silverthorne?

Now, some of you are probably wondering about the name. Why Silverthorne? Well, that’s not a mystery at all. The legend begins like this:

Ol’ Man Willie, once finished with building the town square and helping other settlers with their homesteads, sat down one night at the dinner table on one of his creaking chairs. Arthritic bones throbbed from a life of physical labor. The fire crackled beside him. He looked up at his aged wife, tears hung on his lashes, and he said to her, “Was it worth it?” To which she dutifully nodded. He patted her weathered and calloused hands and said, “Then I shall call this place Silverthorne. Because this old body stings all over like a pincushion, but this town makes it all worthwhile. It’s our silver lining.”

Thus, the town of Silverthorne was named and has remained ever since. The folks erected a monument on the town square in his honor. And while people walk past it never giving it a thought, Ol’ Man Willie keeps watch.

Some town folk say they see the statue wink at them or even whisper their names on starlit summer nights. And others say that if you make a wish upon Ol’ Man Willie’s bronzed feet, that you’ll wake up to find your wish come true.

Regardless of those rumors, the town of Silverthorne strives on. In it’s traditions to it’s inviting nature, Silverthorne welcomes all.

With this in mind, I welcome you to the Kaitlynn Mysteries and Silverthorne, Oregon. And if you feel so inclined, check out what the great state of Oregon has to offer. And at the very least, snuggle up on the couch with a glass of Pinot Noir, an IPA, or your favorite beverage and watch The Goonies. I know I will!

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What do you think about Silverthorne, Oregon??? Would you go there??? Let me know, and until then…

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