On Friday, I posted a poll and asked if you would be on Team Charlie or Team Noah, and I want to thank everyone who voted!

I have to say I was pleasantly surprised about the results. The winner with 67% of the votes was…


Team Charlie!!!!

Charlie’s fair-haired persona and good looks do more than wreck havoc on poor Anna’s life. A top governmental agent, Charlie is Anna’s/Alex’s partner on assignments (yep, she’s two in one;0) always with a smart quip or innuendo. His high intellect, one of the reasons he was recruited, works beautifully with Anna’s tenacity and workaholic attitude. He is the Yin to her Yang, and they go on death defying missions, stealing artifacts of ill repute, rescuing governmental figures, and tasked to capture threats to the United States, all without the knowledge of governmental oversight; not even the President knows of their existence.

Flying under the radar, Charlie and Anna traipse across the globe earning the respect of their organization and each other until it all turns topsy turvy. When a failed mission destroys Anna’s recent memories and places her out of the view of the Department, Charlie’s task of not only finding her but restoring her memories turns from bad to worse.

Check out The Protectorate for a titillating ride of adventure, espionage and a two thousand year old rite of passage which threatens Anna’s very existence and pushes Charlie past the brink of despair and leads him questioning his feelings for her as well as the Department.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on The Protectorate! Feel free to message me your questions or thoughts, and reviews are always appreciated;-)

Thanks again for voting, and Happy reading,



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