Blythe Baker mystery books are on my mind! Hello and happy Saturday! Here’s a quick post about the author and her plethora of mystery books she’s published. I’ve recently stumbled upon her Anna Fairweather mysteries, and with a Kindle Unlimited subscription, you can download these babies for free. What better way to spend a weekend?! Anyway, here are two that I’ve recently read and hope you’ll like! For more information on Blythe Baker and her other books check her site or visit her Amazon profile.

Book 1 of the Anna Fairweather Mysteries

At a 1921 garden party, murder is on the menu…

The sudden death of her employer sets loyal maid Anna Fairweather on a dangerous quest for justice. Discovering who killed the quarrelsome Colonel will require joining forces with the victim’s attractive nephew, Jerome Townson, but is the charming Mr. Townson hiding darker motives than anyone guesses?

A formidable dowager, an incompetent Chief Constable, and a host of greedy relations become obstacles in Anna’s search for the truth. Will the head butler and the other inscrutable household servants become her allies? Or will Anna face her ultimate fate  – and a ruthless killer  – alone?  

Check it out here!

Book 2 of the Anna Fairweather mysteries

Death stalks the guests at a seaside resort…

 While staying at Brighton with the formidable old Mrs. Montford, Anna Fairweather witnesses a drowning. Suspecting the “accident” is something more sinister, Anna begins a search for the truth  – and the killer.

Does a belligerent brother-in-law carry an old grudge? Is the victim’s grieving husband a little too quick to move on? With an entire hotel full of suspects, Anna must uncover the secrets, and the motives, the hotel guests and employees are desperate to hide.  But with the clock ticking, will Anna get to the bottom of the mystery  – or find herself at the bottom of the ocean?

Check it out here!

Happy Reading!

These are the first two in the Anna Fairweather mysteries, and they’re quick reads. I love a good mystery, and these hold up to that. If you’ve read any of Blythe Baker’s books, then please comment below which others you’d recommend, and as always Happy Reading!

Cheers from Silverthorne, Oregon,


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