Known for her House of Night series, Kristin Cast doesn’t disappoint in her newest book Amber Smoke.


The book begins in a parallel universe whose sole intent is to cage and oversee the wicked and the damned. The Furies are charged with the unbelievable task of keeping the deviant from escaping and wrecking havoc on Earth. Up until now, the plan has worked. 

Once unleashed from their prison, the wicked souls plunge into our unsuspecting world causing mayhem and murder wherever they go. The Furies in an attempt to rectify the breach send their only son, Alek, to collect these souls and send them back to an eternity of torture similar to what they created while alive. 

Alek, young, brave and overly confident, learns of another that could help transport these wicked souls back to Tartarus. Yet, he must find Eva before the damned track her down first. 

Eva lived an ordinary life up until now. She is beautiful, intelligent and blissfully unaware of any danger.  Stalked and threatened, Eva must learn of her familial secrets and come to terms with her future. Our survival depends on it. 

Each have everything to lose, and it becomes a race in time melding mythology, the paranormal and burning desire like only Kristin Cast can.

While the beginning of the book took a moment to hook me as a reader, the story entices and flows well after the Prologue. A downside is the length. It felt like it should have been longer, but the upside is I am ready for the next in the series. For YA, Teen and those interested in the paranormal, Amber Smoke achieves 4 out of 5 stars. 

Happy Readings!



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