Hello to all my fellow readers and writers! It’s been awhile as I’ve been busy reading, editing, writing and reviewing. I do hope the New Year has treated you kindly and that it’s the beginning of a great year of Dramas, Thrillers, Epic Fantasies, Romance, Historical Fiction and all things written.

Today, I bring you my review of H. Eugene’s latest thriller called Linda’s Closet and to tantalize a future review of an Epic Fantasy series written by Vance Pumphrey that will knock your socks off. I’m delighted to have given the following Editorial Review for H. Eugene’s latest and greatest!


H. Eugene’s latest masterpiece, Linda’s Closet, winds an intricate plot around well developed characters mired in suppressed childhood demons, marital strife, the intricacies of friendship, and the complexities of death.
With a well designed storyline reminiscent of the likes of Stephen King, H. Eugene’s novel begins with the introduction of Linda Chambers. Faced with the imminent demise of her marriage, she reaches for the familiar comforts of her closest girlfriends to blunt the effects of an unwanted divorce and the implications to her children.
One rash decision, in an ill attempt at righting a terrible situation, propels Linda into a nightmarish existence where bonds of family, sisterhood and reality unravel where sides must be taken, ending in a reckoning of the past to the present in ultimate proportions.
The read is captivating from beginning to end, wrangling interest from page one. Taboo subjects are delved into, not simply touched upon or skirted around, making this novel a supreme thriller and gifted enough to be seen on the big screen someday. I can definitely say that I am taken with Linda’s Closet and look forward to H. Eugene’s future novels.

K.D. Upton, Author

If you haven’t read any of H. Eugene’s books, I highly suggest you pick up a copy or e-book. His tangled plots are sure to pique the interest of thriller/mystery readers everywhere. Also, don’t forget to sign-up for his monthly newsletter for all the latest insights, giveaways and details on his upcoming novels.

Now, I’ll switch gears for a moment to mention a series of Epic Fantasy books written by Vance Pumphrey. Filled with Goblins, Mages, Healers and Dwarves, Pumphrey catapults the reader into a world of Gods, enchantments, spells, potions and harrowing adventures that quickly captures the inner thrill seeker in all of us. Stay tuned for my future review for a more in-depth discussion of these amazing books.

Until next time, happy reading!




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