Friday Memes for Fun

And a good Friday to all my wonderful followers! How’s everyone doing? Stressed? Frustrated? Upset? Pulling out your hair yet? All the above? We live in a stressful time. That’s obvious. Because of that I wish for you laughter, smiles, … Continued

Coronavirus Means Reading More Books

The coronavirus has the world on edge. Mass pandemonium? Yeah, I’d say there’s chaos when the first thing people hoard are vast quantities of… yep, you’ve guessed it: toilet paper. It being primarily an upper respiratory viral infection doesn’t smack … Continued

A Norwegian American Christmas

A Norwegian American Christmas unfolds each and every year for me and my family. For all intents and purposes, I’m fresh off the boat on one side. And on the other, my blood dates back to the Mayflower. Two worlds … Continued

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