Die & Don't by Vance Pumphrey is an epic fantasy that'll leave you glued to the pages.
Valdaar’s Fist: Defense of the Land Series Book Two

It’s book review time, and I’ve got a doozy for ya’! Vance Pumphrey writes epic fantasy and has several books out in the Valdaar’s Fist series. I have read them all, and Die & Don’t by Vance Pumphrey eclipses the rest. From engaging characters to the worldbuilding, it’s a joy to sit and read for hours on end. While I may write mystery & suspense, I love a good epic fantasy, and I’d encourage you to check out this book and the others at www.vancepumphrey.com and follow him on Facebook at Facebook.com/VancePumphreyAuthor.

Where to begin? A true epic fantasy as there are paladins, sorcerers, dwarfs and healers, but this one takes the proverbial cake. The book is split between two rivaling factions, and at first I’d picked a side. However, as I progressed through this book, I found myself liking the enemy as it were. How was this possible?! Good writing and a great journey is undertaken in each of these books.

Book Blurb

And now onto the book blurb!

This is Book Two of the Defense of The Land series, and the sixth book in the Valdaar’s Fist saga.

The friends one keeps. How can those dedicated in the service to their god possibly look their deity in the eye knowing they have made alliances with those in the service of another?

Twists and turns. Vance Pumphrey has become a master at surprising us with the unexpected. Yet this new volume throws alliances, debts, servitude and relationships into a quandary of tangled webs and unforeseen outcomes. Hang on to your butts, it’s about to get deep!

Can Jaramiile suppress her sworn teachings and lead this rag-tag band adepts of Praxaar and mercenaries into the face of near certain death? Or, possibly more importantly, can she lead them away when required?

Overmatched and outnumbered at every turn, can Jaramiile suppress her own doubts enough to lead friends and foes alike into a maelstrom from which none of them may return?

In Vance Pumphrey’s books, things are seldom what they seem. The scourge of evil has many faces, some of which appear to serve either side of the fence. Or none…

And there you have it!!! What do you think about Die & Don’t by Vance Pumphrey? Are you an epic fantasy reader? Comment below as I love to hear from you. I hope to be back blogging soon. Editing, writing, and outlining Brozy (Broader Cozy) Mystery & Suspense books are in the works. Here’s to all my favorite readers!

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