Like the title describes, this past week I attempted to draw a mouth. Now, “attempted” is a good word to describe the drawing. Nevertheless, the mouth looks decent enough. While I need to hone my craft, the pleasure and process of drawing creates a light in the darkness (for me anyway). In the past, my parents and a couple of beloved teachers often said that if you do what you love, then you’ll never work a day in your life. Now, I must admit that sometimes, in life and work, I want to scream, cry, and or give up, but then, when the frustration (fear, insecurities, etc…) subsides, I hear a soft whisper compelling me back.

Words of Wisdom

Do I agree with the wisdom bestowed on me by my trusted friends and teachers? Yes, to an extent. I would add, though, that doing what you love, and in my case that’s creative writing/world building and drawing, creates a protective force field around me. This force field may bend, but it never breaks. Sure, I might get dinged up along the way, meaning frustrated over sales, frustrated over getting the story just right, or frustrated over not being able to get the exact look I want when I draw, but the love for the craft pulls me back each and every time. To me, that’s what these wise men and women have bestowed upon me. And to them, I salute you. Moreover, I salute every person that reaches for their dreams, who dedicate their priceless time, blood, sweat, and tears to fulling those dreams.

Bravo to you!

Keep going, keep failing, and keep getting up. It is to the doers that reach the summit. May we all reach our summits and be the beacon for others to reach for theirs.

Introspection time is now over! Time to show you my latest attempt (see my attempt at an eye here) at drawing. I present: a human mouth…

Drawing a mouth takes hours of hard work, but it is time well spent.
K.D. Upton ©

I love hearing from you. Please comment below either about the drawing or about your own dreams in life. And if you prefer, then please e-mail me at Here’s to your dreams!



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