My blood pumps wild for books written by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. His crime solving hero, Sherlock Holmes, defunct of tact at times and brimming with unrivaled intellect, except for Moriarty of course, works like a blood hound on a scent to unveil the machinations of criminals before they can strike again.

I fell in love with Doyle’s works as a young child, loving the brilliance of Holmes and his famous sidekick Watson, and I’ve appreciated all the movies based upon this character, including the like of Robert Downey Jr. However, the CBS production of “Elementary,” starring Johnny Lee Miller as Holmes and Lucy Liu as Watson, introduced an intriguing partnership that’s never before been seen with the dynamic duo.

Watson, being a woman, piqued my interest, and I dared to watch the season with a sense of trepidation. I must admit to being skeptical of how this scenario would play out, and I found myself believing this show would fail like so many others launched each year, falling into the black void of cancelled programs, never to be seen or heard from again.


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The show taunted me from the persistence of Hulu to continually show “Elementary” on my feed as a show I’d probably be interested in watching. Of course, it took two whole years before biting the bullet, grabbing the popcorn and drink, and making my resisting finger press ‘play’ on the remote. Of course, my hesitation in watching the series was partly due to Watson being a female, as I’d grown rather fond of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s remarkable works, and partly because I love Lucy Liu as a movie actress and wondered how she’d handle the grueling process of being in a weekly series.

Alas, my worries gradually faded away within a few episodes, and I was hooked. Binge watching has become something of a regularity in my life. While writing and reading are my daily adventures, being a busy parent and holding down the fort of my own business interferes with my ability to watch TV or movies, I’m afraid. So, taking the time to watch anything is a treat, and I don’t like wasting my valued time in something that turns stale in a hurry. Imagine my surprise when the characters not only stand on their own, but the producers/directors didn’t fool with any romantic trysts between Holmes and Watson. Although, if trysts are what you’re looking for, trust me, Holmes has plenty of them along with past demons to add fuel to the blazing fire.


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“Elementary” is among my absolute favorite shows with the mixture of quirky, dramatic, and funny all rolled into one, and I had the pleasure of binge watching season 4 over the past weekend, and the plots get stronger with each passing episode and season. Of course, now that I’m all caught up, I admit I’m sullen at the thought of having to wait for this delightful, amazing and talented crew to pick up again in the Fall, but I’ve not watched Sherlock with Benedict Cumberbatch, yet! Oh, my heart is full again;-)

So, if you’ve waited to watch “Elementary,” or you’ve never heard of it, and you like crime solving sleuths, please check out “Elementary.” You won’t regret it!

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