What bibliophile doesn’t want an extravagant home library? If I could snap my fingers and get one of these beauties, then let the games begin. Do I have to pick just one? Maybe I could snap my fingers and get all of them… Oh, the dreams of an author!!!!

Supposedly, this is the extravagant home library of George Lucas. Imagine all the creativity caught between those walls!

I have no idea if this exquisite, homey library truly belongs to George Lucas, but who cares?! I’d take it in a heartbeat.

And what about this beauty? Although, I don’t see enough books!!! Never fear, K.D.’s here. I’d chock those shelves full of mysteries, thrillers, historical fiction, urban fantasy, time travel, biographies… You get the gist.


A catwalk? Seriously, slap some cheese on me and call me a hamburger. Oh. My. Gosh. Dreams, folks, they are worth having.


Oh, holy Valhalla. Somebody get me some smelling salts. I nearly fainted in awe.

Doesn't this extravagant home library remind you of The Hobbit?

This feels hobbit inspired, right?

An extravagant home library that even Columbus would admire.

This could be my whole house, y’all. I mean, seriously! If this isn’t an extravagant home library, then I don’t know what is.

An extravagant home library that melds a home office with a library of our dreams.

This is an author’s dream! I could write for hours in splendor. What about you?

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