It’s Friday!!! We made it another week, and it’s time for some humor to get the weekend started off right. So sit back, relax, grab your favorite beverage and get ready to smile, laugh, snort, guffaw, aaaannnd you get the picture. Friday Funnies for your viewing pleasure begins NOW!

Friday Funnies memes
The truth!
Friday Funny memes
I swear cats are smarter than they appear…
Friday Funnies meme
For all those GSD (German Shepherd Dog) parents, this one’s for you!
Friday Funnies meme
Little, but mighty.
Friday Funnies meme
Friday Funnies meme
Anger Management at its finest, don’t ya think?
Friday Funnies meme
Speaks for itself…
Friday Funnies meme
Can anyone else relate?
Puppies and kids have a lot in common.
This goes for kids, too!
What's a writer's post without some nod to literature?
Ah, Shakespeare…
Cats do the darndest things!

I hope you enjoyed Friday Funnies because we all need a good laugh these days. And as far as spirit animals go, this one takes the cake. Although, today I’m more of a horse in pasture, grazing around and munching away but ready to take flight in an instant.

I love to hear from you. Have you seen some great memes to add to my Friday Funnies posts? If so, please forward them to I always need a good laugh, and it’s best to spread that around rather than this virus. And if you’d like, please comment below!

Since we’re all cooped up at home, The Protectorate is a great read and waiting to entertain you. And after that, you’ve got The Guardians. Both Mystery/Suspense books with a supernatural twist to keep you captivated for hours. Plus, take the Find Your Tribe quiz, click on the start your journey now link and comment below which tribe you belong to.

Until next time….

Happy reading,


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