And a good Friday to all my wonderful followers! How’s everyone doing? Stressed? Frustrated? Upset? Pulling out your hair yet? All the above? We live in a stressful time. That’s obvious. Because of that I wish for you laughter, smiles, and levity. And to prove it, I’m resorting to book memes along with dog and cat memes to brighten your day (if only for a minute or two). So sit back, relax with your favorite beverage, and smile. Friday Memes starts now!

Who doesn't like a good Ariel meme?
Anyone else feel this way??? Or is it just me?
Dog therapy meme
This is my dog after sharing all my writing problems.
You have the right to remain silent. Anything you say can and will be used in my stories. You've been warned.
Author perks! And yes, I’ve done it. Now, who of my friends have made it into my books? *maniacal laugh*
Post-apocalyptical/coronavirus meme
Totally relevant. Stay safe, my friends!
Golden Girls Meme.
Who doesn’t love The Golden Girls?! And, yes, my TBR is ridiculously long.
Merida Meme.
Can anyone relate?
The Need to Read meme
German Shepherd meme.
German Shepherd love!
Why exercise when you can have fries?
Those teeth!
German Shepherd meme's like make you say, "Awwwww...."
Their loyalty is unmatched…
Keep the coffee coming! Dog memes are the best.
Been there, done that, folks!
Poop patrol time.
Can you blame him???
Star Wars cat memes rule!
Dog and pizza memes... what could be better?
Nuf said.
Who else agrees?
Those ears!!! Ah, I’m in love…
And that’s how my German Shepherd feels about our tabby, poor guy.
Had to post twice because it’s just too funny…

All right, folks, I hope you’ve enjoyed Friday Memes and that you have a wonderful weekend full of laughter, Skype/Facetime, good food, and books. Stay safe, stay well, and stay positive. I love to hear from you. Feel free to comment below on how you’re coping or send me some funny (clean) Friday memes that you love. Until next time,

Happy reading,


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