And it’s Friday Memes to the rescue for all you hardworking people across the globe. Since we live in unprecedented times, let’s lighten the mood, shall we? Hope these put a smile on your face!

Anyone else feeling this way? You’re in good company!

Back to the Future got lots of stuff right. Makes me wonder… Is time travel possible after all????

Wash, rinse, repeat! I’m permanently tired, y’all. Sure, that’s the chronic illness, but the late night reads don’t help.

And another one that’s too close to home. I swear my treadmill groaned as I got onto it last night for the first time since…

Yeah, life’s always better with my crazy crew!

Ahhhh!!! Pugs are cute, but I’d substitute my German Shepherd for these any day.

There you have it! Another Friday in the books, and another Friday memes to the rescue. Here’s hoping that this weekend brings light where there’s darkness, levity where there’s sadness, and lots of reading to occupy your time.

I love to hear from you! Which one of the Friday memes to the rescue did you like best? Comment below and make sure to follow me on FB and Twitter. Until next time…

Happy reading,


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