“What genre do you write in?”

A question all authors get asked at one time or another. Great question, and one I am all too eager to answer, but the funny thing is I love several types of genres. My reading palette is quite varied depending on my mood. For instance, I recently posted about Kristin Cast’s newest book Amber Smoke. Her love for all things paranormal renders her readers hanging on every word, and her House of Night series is the case in point.

Of course, one can not mention paranormal and vampires without visions of Sookie Stackhouse (Charlaine Harris), or Edward and Jacob (Stephanie Meyers) to elicit strong emotions. Love them or hate them, they write what they’re passionate about, and that is what has sold millions of copies between them.


Look on the Internet, and fellow writers compel newbies to voraciously read in the genre they plan to write in, and to a certain degree that is true. However, much can be learned from reading several types of genres. The topics may vary, but great writing abounds regardless of topic.

So, it is with this heartfelt opinion that I currently read paranormal, fantasy, religious, historical fiction along with mystery, thriller and everything in between. The creativity is endless, and the worlds/people to be discovered tantalizing! So many books, and so little time:-)

Cheers to all the readers reading our books, and a salute and appreciation to all the writers who take us to worlds unknown and characters we’re able to love and hate. Hats off to all of you!!

Happy readings!


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