Books, books everywhere! It’s the fantasy from childhood which I refuse to relinquish, and the only thing better than books??? Where to read them and/or write them!

Eureka! Entrez…innovative reading and writing desks meant for the super, fantastical and most avid readers and writers on Earth;-)

I found the following desks insightful, inventive and sometimes out of this world, but a desk to suit the likeness of any person is within reach of Google!

First up, the all-in-one office desk for those who like a little bit of the corporate feel when they read or write…

Next, for $239 this sleek convertible can be yours for the taking…

If you’re looking for an ergonomic reading layout, then try…

Of course, this little getup is great for holding a beverage or two…

Or how about a more laid back approach?

And what about this $40,000 baby???

Of course, I don’t know if I’d be going to battle rather than to read or write:0

And finally, here’s one to crow about;-)

However you like to read or write, this goes to show there’s something for everyone!

Happy reading,


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