Who hasn’t sat back in life feeling unmotivated or uninspired? In writing, it can be more than a hindrance! Writer’s block is a very real thing, and one that only gets solved by trudging through and finding that next word to hammer onto paper like a toddler taking steps.  Of course, the other way I look for inspiration is by reading other books or watching movies.  

  I can remember the very first time I was truly inspired as a child, and I still look to it as an adult. The mystical qualities spoke to me, motivated me and launched a love of reading and writing that flourishes to this day. I remember counting all the nickels, dimes and pennies in my piggy bank to take my whole family for the third time in three weeks to watch The Goonies. 

  Eureka! My heart was stolen by the Oregon scenery, the gadgets, real life issues of moving, families living paycheck to paycheck, and all the teenage angst. Of course, the actors sealed the deal with my favorites being Kerri Green and Sean Astin, but the entire cast were spot on for their parts. What kid wouldn’t want to slide down that massive waterslide or play the piano of bones? Posters were subsequently bought and plastered on my walls much to my parents amusement, but I didn’t care. I started writing after watching that movie, and I’m eternally grateful for it!

  Goonies never say die, and I’ve worked valiantly to keep that motto upfront and personal in my journeys in life. Yes, a movie, some call cheesy, sparked an ember in a little child’s heart that led me to believe I could achieve anything I set my mind to. (My parents were a huge encouragement as well!) 

So, to all of you out there struggling in life because each of us does at some point in time, please take time to find your inspiration be it a book, movie, activity or sport that compels you to stay true to yourself. You won’t regret you did! 

And on that note, it’s Goonies time! 


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