Lemon Cake for my grandfather's birthday. RIP bestefar!
Picture and recipe via Mama Knows Gluten Free

Today’s a special day. It’s time for lemon cake! Why? Because it’s my grandfather’s birthday (bestefar in Norwegian). Sadly, he died from cancer before I was born. However, today I celebrate his life with lemon cake!

Don’t know why I’ve never done it before. Perhaps it’s because I’ve had a few health scares over the last several years, or maybe it’s because I want to tell my kids all about him so that they too can pass down his legacy.

Regardless, I miss him. Strange to miss someone you never knew?


I’ve always felt that a part of my heart’s been missing; like a black hole possesses a part of it. He was and IS my grandfather. My bestefar. As each year passes, I long to know him more.

Do you ever stare at old photographs of loved ones passed on? Gosh, I wish I could. Two photographs remain of the man I know as bestefar. Only two. He smiles into the camera as he sits on a chair, holding my brother who was swaddled in a blanket. A smile played on his lips, and love poured from his eyes; all of which was caught in one click of the camera all those years ago.

Finally, he’d become a grandpa. A bestefar. Something he held so dear and wanted with all his heart, or so my father has told me, and I don’t argue with a Viking. *wink*

I often wonder what he’d think of me, my sister, and my brother. We’ll never know. Cancer ripped him from us soon after those pictures with my brother were taken. Too soon.

So, it’s time to celebrate the man, the myth, the legend of my bestefar. Death’s veil may have taken him physically, but I feel him watching over me always. And as a tribute, I dedicate this post to him.

Gratulerer med dagen, bestefar!

And by the way, I have another set of grandparents that I DID get time with. They, too, rest in heaven. They were and ARE remarkable, and words may not express my utter love and devotion to them. You can be certain that when their birth months come around, I’ll be writing about them, too!

Gluten-Free Lemon Cake: How Hard Can It Be?

For this gal, baking gluten-free lemon cake is like venturing into the vast ocean sans a mast, sail, and rudder. Yep, it’s a hit or miss with this one, BUT I do have some hits. Occasionally. So, fingers are crossed!

Of course, some may ask, “Why lemon cake?” And I’d say, “Why not?” But really, it’s because my father loves lemon cake. I’m honoring his father. Makes sense to me!

After I’m done with this cake baking adventure, because I make everything from scratch in this gluten-free/dairy-free house, I’ll be sure to post a quick pick. That is if it turns out. Otherwise, I’ll cry over a bucket of non-dairy ice cream and listen to sad 80s songs. Either way it should be entertaining for the family and all of you!

As a closing note, I’ll be posting again this week on something brewing in the vast abyss of my mind. It deals with the paranormal. Do you believe or not? It’ll be a good discussion, so make sure to keep an eye out for it.

I love hearing from you, my friends. Do you celebrate the life of a loved one that’s passed on? If so, what are some of the things you do? Please comment below or e-mail me at kduptonauthor@gmail.com. Until next time…

Happy reading,


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