Life's lemons. They look harmless enough until thrown at you!
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Do you ever get the feeling that life’s handing you lemons? I do. Life’s pelted me with them over the last 14 months especially in the health department. And I know what people say, “If life gives you lemons, then make lemonade.” (Maybe krumkake. If life threw krumkake, I’d be in heaven!)

But lemons? Nope. Unh uh. Can’t do that, my friends. There’s something better. Throw. Them. Back.

Yep, you heard me. Throw those yellow, vitamin C enriched, bitter, tart fruits back in the pie hole of life. You can do it. Trust me. It’ll feel great.

As an aside, if you happen to have a great gluten-free, non-dairy recipe for lemon meringue pie, please for the love of everything holy send it to me.

Take Back Control

Moving right along… Where were we? Oh yes. Control. “How?” you say. Thanks for asking! Life comes at us fast. True, but we can take some control back after all the tears, wads of tissue, and tubs of ice cream. It’s all about the spark of light in the abyss of darkness. Yes, it can be found. We only need to search for it.

Over my lifespan, I’ve been unfortunate to have multiple health issues. Some are trivial while others are more severe. Right now, I’m faced with yet another surgery, and I’d rather eat surströmming out of a can. Not heard of the Swedish delicacy? Learn about it here and how to make it edible.

Surströmming. Swedish delicacy. Life's lemons can stink, too.

Hence, I’m fed up. And not with pie. Sure, it’s terrible to have ailments, but it’s not the ailments that have got me sinking like the Titanic. It’s the lack of control. Doctors, and I’ve had plenty, come in a variety of bedside manners. From retched to tolerable, most never reach the “sufficient” level (although, one of my specialists is spectacular, y’all. Pinkie swear!)

Emergency Room Nightmare

To illustrate said point, I’ve had one actually force all my loved ones, including my spouse, out of the emergency room and tell me that I had a 50% chance of making it through the night, but “hey, that’s life.”

Moreover, he refused to perform any procedures on me until the next day. FYI, would you want that to happen if YOU had a brain bleed? I think not! What a nightmare.

Anywho, what’s a gal to do? I’ve got an oxygen cannula in my nose trying to make my family laugh (can’t stand to see them worried) and wondering what the he!/ I’m going to do as I’m gurneyed into the brain trauma ICU.

Y’all, let’s give a big round of applause for nurses everywhere! These beautiful unicorns worked their magic and got me another neurosurgeon. Yep, I swear on my ancestral krumkake that it’s the truth. This, of course, was after I spilled my guts about how horrible the doc had treated me, and voila, I got me another one. A much better one.


Whipped Cream Krumkake. One of life's lemons turned sweet!
Photo credited to Taste of Home
Click on link above for their krumkake recipe!

Do you remember the specialist I raved about before? This is the one! He came in, a beam of light shining down upon his ginger head, a pearly white grin beamed across the room, and… I’ve got to stop watching the Hallmark channel. I know.

Time for Teamwork

As I was saying, he came in, took over, and I’m still alive writing to you fine folks. From that point forward, I’ve started taking control over my life. No longer blindly following doctors orders, I started asking questions. Then I started researching and asking more questions. Before I knew it, I had “fired” some docs and gotten ones that worked with me. I needed teamwork, not someone telling me what to do.

Thus, my life started to change, and with it a sense of peace replaced the hopelessness. Anyway, standing up for yourself is a hard feat for most, but it can be done. Tiny steps lead to big change.

How do we climb a mountain? Come on, folks, you know the rest – “One step at a time.”

Life's Lemons. How do you climb a mountain? One step at a time.
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Be the Storm

Consequently, when you speak up, people will inevitably try and drown you out. Sure, I’ve gotten told off. And it smarts. But only for a little bit. My life is more important than their egos. And that’s where you come in my friends. If you are facing another one of life’s lemons, be it financial, health, or otherwise, please know that you are strong. You are capable. You are worth it.

Therefore, when life pummels you with lemons, then hurl them back.

Be the storm…

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Much love to all of you this holiday season! I love to hear from you. Have you experienced a multitude of life’s lemons? We can all learn our own power. Comment below or email me at Until next time,

Happy reading,


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