My pup is more than a companion, you see. She guides me through the bumps, stumps and wiggles of life that bring heartache, joy, strife and silliness. She is my constant shadow and anticipates my every want and need without taking the time to wonder about her own. Her caramel eyes reduce me to putty with an unending love much like my children. They, of course, are one and the same. She is my child, and I will fight anyone who says otherwise. Plus, my pup will never leave. She will never stray off to some far away place to pursue her destiny. Nope, her destiny is for me to pat her head, snuggle warmly in bed, to give her hugs and to catch some balls all for the sake of love.


Her intensity is infectious, her energy is boundless, and I pinch myself at how blessed I am to have her in my life. I’ve laughed until I’ve cried at her chasing her tail or licking my son’s face, but make no mistake! She possesses nerves of steel and an instinct to protect. She’s placed herself between my young children and an aggressive dog that was twice her size, baring her teeth, always staying between the dog and my children. She will never allow harm to come to us if she can help it. My pup has sent grown men running down our driveway, and she’s been there when I’ve felt ill; always knowing when something wasn’t quite right.

IMG_9405 (1)

My pup, my sweet pup, loyal to the end! Her name is Duchess, but she’s our Queen. Much love to all dog owners out there;-) Much love to the German Shepherd Dog (GSD) community as well.

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