Hello again! Today’s post is all about mystery book covers. I’ve been working on my own, trying to nip, tuck, and roll a few into submission, and I’ve been asked where the inspiration comes from when designing covers. Mostly, I get a feel for the mystery genre by books I’ve read and even by doing random searches. The ones that grab me by the throat and make me want to read more are the ones I’d love to achieve with my own little darlings. So, today, I’m posting some of my favorite mystery book covers that stimulate the brainwaves and get the juices flowing toward my own designs.

Pick your favorite!

Which one(s) of the following spark your interest and make you want to read the blurb? Feel free to comment below! Underneath each cover I’ve linked to where you can read the blurbs, etc…

Number 1


Number 2

An Extravagant Death

Number 3

Shady Hollow

Number 4

Moonflower Murders

Number 5

Stay Dark

Number 6

Impulse Spy

Number 7

The Deadly Mystery of the Missing Diamonds

Number 8

The Perfect Wife

Number 9

Triple Chocolate Cheesecake Murder

Number 10

The Guardians

Mystery book covers display a range of ideas, and it’s ever evolving. All the better to keep me on my proverbial toes. But as you can see, there’re lots to catch the eye and dazzle the senses. And, yes, I’ve included one of my own. But can you blame me? Which one was your favorite? What do you look for in a cover? Comment below! I look forward to your responses and hope this have given a smidge of insight of how this author figures out covers. Until next time…

Happy reading,


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