Riddle Answers to Riddle Me This post!
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Good day/night to all my awesome followers! Fortunately, I’ve survived the nasty weather that plowed through Middle Tennessee last week. My thoughts are with all those who lost loved ones and are rebuilding their homes and recovering from the shock of it all. If you’ve ever lived through a tornado, then you’ll know what I mean. On that grateful note, I’m following up on my last post Riddle Me This. And to do just that, let’s get on with this blog post about riddle answers and the new “Books and Tea with KD” podcast.

First of all, a huge “Thank you” to all the wonderful answers submitted by e-mail on the riddle. For those that are itching to know, I got the following responses:

  • snake
  • sun
  • wine
  • water

Answer, please!

Without further ado, I can submit that wine is indeed the answer! And how is that? Wine first emerged in the East as a favorite of the Egyptians, Phoenicians, and then, of course, the Greeks. From Greece, it crept across Europe and then the big blue ocean to the Americas where it found particular favor among a few presidents of the USA (think Thomas Jefferson for one). From there, think about how wine is made. Grapes are grown on vines only to be picked and then squashed, collecting their life’s essence into a glass bottle where it’s kept in cellars underneath the ground for years on end.

Hopefully, this makes sense to all those that participated. And again, thanks a bunch for answering. A special thanks goes out to DarthHelmet42 for being the first one to answer correctly. I tip my hat to you! May the schwartz be with you, my friend. Great movie, by the way.

Anywho, the riddle generated some good interest; so please be on the lookout for another in the near future. Keep those logical minds a churning!

New Podcast Update

I believe I mentioned a bit ago about starting a podcast, and it’s still in the works. Right now, I’m completing the set-up for it and will hopefully be posting new content on that front shortly. However, I don’t believe I’ve shared what the podcast will be about, nor what the title of it is.

*smacks palm on forehead

Alrighty then. So, the podcast is called “Books and Tea with KD” with yours truly. Yep, pretty simple, and why not? The subject is, of course, relatively straigthforward, but what does it include exactly? Thanks for asking!

“Books and Tea with KD” will include hype from all types of books. I’m a fan of Mystery/Suspense/Thriller, Urban Fantasy, High Fantasy, Cozy Mystery, Romance, SciFi, and the list goes on. I’ll stick to the clean variety as I don’t plan on recording/talking about something that my mom nor child wouldn’t squirm or gasp about. But that leaves a whole ton of books to cover. Plus, I plan on discussing books to movies, movies, tv shows, conspiracy theories, time travel, culture, travel in general, baking fiascos, interviewing authors, book lovers, other entrepreneurs, and of course… let’s not forget the tea.

Tea Rules

Tea rules and it’s something I can drink day or night without it keeping me up or wired. For those that don’t know, I have a few food/beverage restrictions, and caffeine is one of them. But herbal teas rule my world, and I can’t wait to sip on a cup and maybe even break some bread (gluten-free of course) with all you book lovers on the podcast. We’ll discuss a wide variety of fun-filled topics, relax, and take a cozy respite from all that wrecks our whirlwind lives.

Sound good?

Great! I look forward to hearing from you and posting the inaugural podcast soon. In the meantime, please feel free to comment below or e-mail me and let me know about books you’ve loved, topics you’d like covered, and don’t forget, if you’ve got a name for a future character of mine, please feel free to send them on. Again, let’s keep it clean, folks.

For now, keep reading those books, drinking some tea (or coffee, too!), and be on the lookout for “Books and Tea with KD.” Until next time…



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