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My books center around the great state of Tennessee, and I love the various venues that Nashville has to offer. The Nashville Sounds let families remember what it’s like to be a kid again, and the music? Well, Nashville’s known as the Music City for a reason! Since I love Nashville and include it in my books, I wanted to let you experience it from a native’s perspective. So, I thought I’d start with a restaurant I’ve recently visited and can’t wait to visit again.

The Gulch in downtown Nashville houses some of the best restaurants and stores for tourists and natives alike. Nashville’s growth continues to boggle the mind, and one can view massive cranes from many a street corner, but fascination abounds with Music City, and I had the pleasure of partaking of “modern Mexican food” at the Gulch’s Cantina Laredo.

From the revolving door, which my kids love, to making fresh and custom ordered guacamole at the table, the wait staff and management impress with their hospitality. The food ranges from traditional tacos, rice and beans for the kiddos, but their adult menu offers mouth-watering enchiladas and tacos flavored with Mahi Mahi, chicken and pulled pork. It’s also great for the gluten-free crowd who may find it difficult to eat out. Many of their meals can be prepared gluten-free!


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While I haven’t tried the dessert menu, I expect it to be as scrumptious as their main entrees. It was a most enjoyable excursion into downtown Nashville, and I look forward to trying their flan on my next visit!

Now that my tastebuds have been satiated, it’s off to writing and researching for me!

Happy reading and eating;-)


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