Hello, my friend! Graded for Murder is out and about, and I appreciate the interest and enthusiasm for it. If you haven’t checked it out yet, please do. For those of you that have, book 2, Snapshot to a Killer, is coming out in November. So, I thought you’d like a peak at the Snapshot cover. It’s been a work in progress for a time, but I love it and hope you do too.

Kaitlynn really gets herself into a pickle with this one! I’ll be sure to post the blurb in the near future, but for now I’ll post the cover. Preorders are up on the platform of your choice;-)

Without further ado, here’s Snapshot to a Killer:

Cover is copyrighted.©

Again, thanks for your interest! Hope you love the Snapshot cover. That’s it for now, but I’ll post again soon. Until next time…

Happy reading!


Graded for Murder Book 1
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