Whenever I was a kid, I couldn’t wait to grow up. Every adult I would run into always said, “Enjoy being a kid” or “Don’t wish your life away.” Great advice, but it fell on deaf ears. Of course, now that I understand the wisdom of those words, it’s too late…or is it?

Oh, how I wish I could be a kid again with the carefree summers, trips to see grandparents and cousins, and sipping sweet tea in the sweltering heat on our carport. I remember color guard rehearsals lasting until every last person was in sync, dripping in sweat and muscles twitching involuntarily due to the strain. We took first place almost every single time, by the way;-) We learned hard work pays off and how to get along with others. 

Of course, for the realists out there, I do remember 5am alarm clocks, teenage angst, and acne. I remember cramming for tests and trying not to get beaten up in the hallways; not just by other students but band directors too. It was a roller coaster life, but with tons less responsibility. 

True, there was poop patrol in the backyard for the five dogs we adopted, dishes to be put up, and laundry to be folded. Of course, eye-rolling, loud sighs and mumblings accrued, but it couldn’t hold a candle to what awaited as an adult. 

Many times over my adult life have I looked back nostalgically, relieving my childhood through rose-tinted glasses. I’ve postulated over the what might have beens and find myself reminiscing when certain songs hit the airways. I’m reminded constantly how old I’m getting knowing that 80s music is now broadcast as “Oldies.” 

So, I quietly tuck those yesterday’s away and force my brain to focus on the phones that never stop ringing, the conference meetings that accomplish squat, and the deadlines that become impossible to meet. The mundane life keeps going until…out of the blue there comes a speck of hope to replenish the kid inside all of us.

Yep, my friends, I’m talking about Star Wars. I know! There are people shaking their heads and chuckling, thinking, “Come on.” BUT I know there are others giving me wireless hi-fives who have been salivating at each new trailer released over the last year. Star Wars to me is timeless, and it gives the opportunity to not only relive part of my childhood allowing the inner kid to emerge, but to share it with my children and cherish in their excitement. It’s intoxicating to say the least. 

So, I’d like to thank George Lucas, Disney and JJ Abrams for allowing a tired and weary adult to hit the snooze button of adulthood for a few hours, giving me the ability to recharge my creative powers. They have proven the child inside never goes away. My inner child says, “Thank you,” and my sails are full again to write with a flurry;-) 

If Star Wars is not your cup of tea, then find something that floats your boat;-) We all need to let our inner child emerge every now and again. Life’s too short! Seize this day:-)




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