Suspense Books to Movie Adaptations

Hello from Music City! While the temperature waits to decide if it wants to warm up or plunge into the land of tundra, I’m busy writing, reading, and searching for everything book related. I’ve recently stumbled across a list by Bookbub about 10 books in the works for 2018 movie adaptations.

I have to say that I love movies, always have, but I get a little squirmy when books are made into movies. Movies/TV series condense or change plots of novels/series of books that can either be cheered by the masses or struck down by deafening boos. And I hear/read more of the negatives than positives. However, there are those that spark the fancy of readers (Harry Potter rings a bell!).

So, with that in mind, I’m curious as to your thoughts! Take a look at the list by clicking this link and comment below about which ones, if any, you’re interested in seeing. I’ve attached “The Cuckoo’s Calling” trailer for your viewing pleasure. Happy watching and happy reading!




Review Time!




A very special thanks goes out to author/reviewer, and all around fantastic human being, H. Eugene! Not only are his books spellbinding with phenomenal plots and characters, he publishes spectacular books with a speed that leaves my head spinning;-)

Recently, H. Eugene honored me with a review of my book The Protectorate, and I’m humbled to say the very least. Please take the time to visit his website for not only my book’s review but that of others! Also, sign-up for his email/newsletter to keep in the loop for all his upcoming interviews, appearances and book launches. His next book, 13 Flowers: Chocolate Will Kill You, will launch on September 9! It’s the third in the trilogy, and it’s sure to  knock your socks off! While you’re at it, purchase the first two in the trilogy;-)


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Hi Ho, Hi Ho The Writing Life for Me!

Books, books everywhere! It’s the fantasy from childhood which I refuse to relinquish, and the only thing better than books??? Where to read them and/or write them!

Eureka! Entrez…innovative reading and writing desks meant for the super, fantastical and most avid readers and writers on Earth;-)

I found the following desks insightful, inventive and sometimes out of this world, but a desk to suit the likeness of any person is within reach of Google!

First up, the all-in-one office desk for those who like a little bit of the corporate feel when they read or write…

Next, for $239 this sleek convertible can be yours for the taking…

If you’re looking for an ergonomic reading layout, then try…

Of course, this little getup is great for holding a beverage or two…

Or how about a more laid back approach?

And what about this $40,000 baby???

Of course, I don’t know if I’d be going to battle rather than to read or write:0

And finally, here’s one to crow about;-)

However you like to read or write, this goes to show there’s something for everyone!

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And the Winner Is…

On Friday, I posted a poll and asked if you would be on Team Charlie or Team Noah, and I want to thank everyone who voted!

I have to say I was pleasantly surprised about the results. The winner with 67% of the votes was…


Team Charlie!!!!

Charlie’s fair-haired persona and good looks do more than wreck havoc on poor Anna’s life. A top governmental agent, Charlie is Anna’s/Alex’s partner on assignments (yep, she’s two in one;0) always with a smart quip or innuendo. His high intellect, one of the reasons he was recruited, works beautifully with Anna’s tenacity and workaholic attitude. He is the Yin to her Yang, and they go on death defying missions, stealing artifacts of ill repute, rescuing governmental figures, and tasked to capture threats to the United States, all without the knowledge of governmental oversight; not even the President knows of their existence.

Flying under the radar, Charlie and Anna traipse across the globe earning the respect of their organization and each other until it all turns topsy turvy. When a failed mission destroys Anna’s recent memories and places her out of the view of the Department, Charlie’s task of not only finding her but restoring her memories turns from bad to worse.

Check out The Protectorate for a titillating ride of adventure, espionage and a two thousand year old rite of passage which threatens Anna’s very existence and pushes Charlie past the brink of despair and leads him questioning his feelings for her as well as the Department.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on The Protectorate! Feel free to message me your questions or thoughts, and reviews are always appreciated;-)

Thanks again for voting, and Happy reading,



Cozy Indie Book Shop

If you’re ever in the Denver area and love books, you’ve got to go into the Tattered Cover! It’s one of those rare finds that feature anything and everything on their shelves. From the moment you walk-in, the sights will astound. The Tattered Cover Bookstore is a sparkling diamond amongst a sea of others, and it covers Indie Authors to boot!

Special thanks goes out to all the picture takers of this wonderful Indie Book Store!

Happy reading!


John Grisham or Bust


His works rival the best, his tenacity and perseverance are unquestionable, but how much do we know about this writing giant? Most people know his name, but when asked about the man behind the novels, I was at a loss. I could name his works from A Time to Kill, The Firm, The Pelican Brief, The Client, The Rainmaker, and the list goes on. I marvel at his writing ability and creativity, but I couldn’t really describe the man.


I have an internal desire to know what drives someone so successful in the line of work that I strive to get a foothold in, and what better way to learn craft than studying the best. It pays to know what compels someone to write, their backgrounds and history. I dare say most people write from their own loses, triumphs or dreams. So, it was with great pleasure that I studied up on the man behind the legend.

John Grisham, born on February 8, 1955 to a cotton farmer and homemaker, started his life on a farm in Jonesboro, Arkansas. The second of five children, John moved with his family to several places after his father changed from farming into the field of construction. Moving from Louisiana to Mississippi, John’s family landed in Southaven, Mississippi in 1967 when John was 12.

According to an article published in The Clarion-Ledger, John’s father was quite the storyteller as well as being the deacon in his church.

While in high school, John played football and basketball, but his heart stayed true to baseball. He dreamed of becoming a major league player after school. It wasn’t until senior English that he became intrigued by Steinbeck and read voraciously. However, writing wasn’t in his immediate future. He took several back-breaking jobs before deciding on attending Northwest Mississippi Community College. According to a friend, John was reserved to those unknown, but relaxed around his friends.


John believed his arrival at Northwest would be the budding of his plans to be a major league player, but after failing freshman English, yep English, he rode the bench and decided to leave. Next up was Delta State University, but when the baseball plans fizzled and his coach recommended he hit the books, John agreed and ended up at Mississippi State University. However, he hadn’t found his path as he changed his major three times in subsequent semesters, but he eventually majored in Accounting at Mississippi State and graduated with a law degree from Ole Miss in 1981.

After a decade of practicing law in Southaven, Mississippi, he got the writing fever and proceeded to write a couple hours before work, during breaks and even after work. He read up on historical fiction and well known authors as well. Eventually he took the leap, against his friends advice, and quit law altogether to move his family to a farm. He worked on his first novel for three years before getting a deal with an unknown publishing company and spent his energies on begging friends to buy his book and holding book signings whenever he could.

John was discouraged after “A Time to Kill” wasn’t an initial success, and upon further encouragement from his agent, he wrote a second novel which launched his career. “The Firm” was made into a movie after his agent sold the rights for $600,000, and of course, the rest is history.


John went from absolute obscurity selling his books out of the trunk of his car to being one of the all time best selling authors. His formula of hard work and perseverance are something to keep in mind for any aspiring author or for anyone in different fields. Never give up on your dreams!

I hope you found this article inspiring and insightful, and I hope you never give up on your dreams:-)

Keep writing, keep reading, keep dreaming!

Happy reading,


P.S. If you’re interested in reading any one of his books, check out his Penguin Random House site!


Book Shop Love!

I love, love, love finding new book shops to drop into if traveling, and I enjoy surfing the web to find cozy spots all over the world. Just one look at these and my mouth salivates to escape into their depths never to return. Alas, everyone must eat, drink and sleep, but it never hurts to dream;-) So, take a look at some of these book shops and drop in if you can!

our-location-wideCharlie Byrne Bookseller is an Irish bookshop in Galway City! I could live here for days;-)


Le Bal des Ardents is a bookstore in Lyon France. Who wouldn’t want to visit? Bibliophile’s Corner by Olga gives a wonderful account of the history behind the name!


Daunt Books in London could keep me entertained!


How awesome is this?! I’ll make sure to visit The Last Bookstore LA on a visit to California. I’d call this my tunnel of love!

I sure hope you’ve enjoyed these cozy corners. I’m always on the lookout for others;-) Stay tuned, and…


Happy reading!