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Thunderstruck by ideas and songs, I write to you today after a long hiatus! Sorry for the delay, but life, ya know? So today’s post is about the little things in life. You know what I mean? The ones that grab you by the throat and demand to be noticed. Demand to be experienced. Like a tidal wave crashing down above my head, today has been that day. Not in a bad way, mind you. It’s all good! While life has dealt blow after blow around the globe, I’ve been tap, tap, tapping away at the keyboard, keeping my head out of trouble (but not my characters). And while I’ve been lost in creating fiction, life has stood at a standstill. Days passed with little to no variation until… BAM! Thunderstruck!

Yeah, yeah, but what do you mean… Thunderstruck?!

Let me explain. Today, like every other, I got up, ate, cleaned up, educated my kids and was about ready to sit down and write when something extraordinary happened. There, on the TV screen, I noticed my youngest had displayed a cartoon background. Quite impressed by his technical genius, (yes, I went there) I asked him how he did it. For many that know me, I can learn tech. I just don’t like to. So, much to my amazement, my kids got the tech gene, which must have skipped me and landed squarely on their beautimous heads.

Anyway, my youngest described the ease of which he accomplished such a feat, and I was feeling rather good about myself when all of a sudden a song rang out. Tiny prickles of astonishment set my hair on end while the familiar beats of AC/DC rang out within the hallowed walls of my home. Could it be? No! It shouldn’t be, I thought. It mustn’t be.

And yet it was.

There was no denying the song playing from my living room TV: Thunderstruck. And if that wasn’t pushing this middle-aged mom whose frayed nerves and sleep-deprived body closer to the abyss of oblivion with each passing second, then the words coming out of my young child’s mouth did.

But it didn’t stop there, folks. Oh, no. My middle child enthusiastically joined in. Mouth agape and speechless I listened to my little prodigies belt out the tune, word for blasted word. Horrified? Maybe. Proud? Quite possibly. Bonked over the head by life and thrust into a moment of joy? You betcha!

The floodgates of glee on my kids’ faces broke a dam of emotions that I’m thrilled to welcome back into life. It’s been far too long, and I’ll seize these moments whenever they pop up. Life is too damn short, and I’m thankful, grateful, and thrilled that AC/DC brought this back into my life. A year ago, if someone had told me this, I’d have said, “Un uh. No way,” but now? Yep. Thank you AC/DC for lightening our load today and striking a well of creative juices within me. It’s been a great day, and I hope this brought a tiny smile to all of you reading this, even if you dislike AC/DC. Joy’s been missing. And joy has returned.

Take it easy, my friends. Tides change and so does life. Eek out of each day as much joy as you can, and I promise to write again soon!

In my next post, I’ll introduce my lovely characters a little more. PLUS, I’ll fill you in on a little secret. Here’s a hint: A novella is in the works! And it’s going to be free… BUT only to my newsletter followers.

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Until next time,

Happy reading, and if you feel so inclined, play a little Thunderstruck! Dancing is optional;-)


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