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Pardon the interruption, but I’m taking over K.D. Upton’s blog for this post. She’s a little under the weather, and I’ve offered to help. Let me introduce myself. I’m Kaitlynn Dahl, and I’ve known K.D. for practically my entire life. She’s been a major influence, and I really wanted to help her with this blog stuff. Tech isn’t her friend. Come to think of it, it’s not mine either, but she tells me I know more than she does. Also, I might be helping more in the future, so I thought I’d do a post on getting to know me. Who is Kaitlynn Dahl?

Oh, this’ll be fun! Who likes to fill out those personality quiz thingies? Sure, they’re a way of stealing information like passwords, etc… But I use encrypted accounts after the diary intrusion by my mom back when I was 13. Thanks, Brenda. Should I be calling my mom by her first name? Probably not, but she and I have never been especially close. Don’t worry. She’ll never see this post because she’s eyeball deep into her pharmacy students and academia papers to read or care about much anything else.

So, without further ado, Who is Kaitlynn Dahl? Here goes!

Physical Traits

Long/short hair: Neither, I’ve got shoulder-length hair, which sometimes gets a little longer

Hair color(black, brown, red, blond, white): Red

Style (curly, frizzy, mohawk, shaved, thin, etc…): Wavy, but it gets frizzy during the scorching summer in Nashville. Although, it’s not so bad in Oregon.

Skin (rough, smooth, tan, freckles, etc…): Definitely got freckles (goes with the red hair) but they’re light. Normally seen on the bridge of my nose during summertime.

Build (tall, athletic, short, clumsy, fat, thin, strong, agile, slow-mover): Um, I can be clumsy at times. Grace should have been my middle name, or at least that’s what mom keeps telling me, and I’m taller than average and lean. I love to run!

Arms/legs (long fingers, short legs, missing fingers, limps, missing toes): Long legs, but everything else is average

Eye color (blue, brown, hazel, gray, golden, black): Blue eyes

Personality Traits


Taking photographs – this has been a passion of mine since my bestemor (grandmother) gave me my first camera. Turned it into a career!

Positive people


Nature walks

Building snowmen, loved this in Colorado because we never really get much snow in Nashville, TN.

Reading tons of books

Running – especially with Max. He’s my best friend. Well, besides Skylar. I met Max when I moved to Silverthorne, OR, and he’s been by my side ever since. He’s the best detective, running partner, coffee drinking buddy, and all around best guy. Love you, Max!

Dogs more so than cats, and horses are the best

Funny people

The sound of rain

The smell of the salty ocean

Sand between my toes


Norse mythology

Anything and everything about Norway and Scandinavia

Gardening, although I’ve not really had time to do it. Too busy at the studio.


Medical school



Driving in cities – too much bad driving and honking

Cooking, it’s not really that I don’t like cooking. I just don’t have much time. Pop’s Diner is a lifesaver! If you’re ever in town, you’ve gotta stop by Pop’s. Tell him that I sent you!

Commercials – who likes them other than the Super Bowl commercials

Arrogant people

Well, that’s about it! I prefer to see the upside of life rather than the downside. I would add more, but I’m afraid Dylan wouldn’t approve, and I’ve gotta pay the bills. Anyway, this was fun, but I’ve gotta get back to the studio. Dylan’s got me set for a bridal shower. I want to thank K.D. for letting me take over for this post of Who Is Kaitlynn Dahl, and like she always says, “Until next time!”

Happy reading,

Kaitlynn Dahl

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