Seizures, Mono and Strep, Oh My!  Yep, life can sure dump mounds full of drama when you least expect it.  This year is in the record books for perseverance, acceptance, adjustments, and heaps of rest.

How eerie would it be to wake up in a seated position on your bed looking into concerned faces of paramedics, firemen, and family unable to remember a birthdate or even how old you are?  Some would say it’s great for a character, but unfortunately it was a painful reality filled with IVs, medications and too many unanswered questions.

While moments of anxiety, panic, and fear push their sneaky talons into life from time to time, I’m more grateful these days too.  Like all authors, I’ve seized control of the chaos surrounding me and have used it as fuel for my books.  I see it as a gift of sorts as I’m able to become more empathetic towards others and to my characters.  Besides, you’ve never really lived until you’ve had at least one person give you a wide berth simply because you wear a face mask out in public.  Trust me; where I matriculate from people steer clear and stare incessantly.  

On the bright side, I get plenty of room to stretch my legs in doctor’s offices, or in any kind of waiting room.  I get to be driven wherever I go like royalty except the driver is my spouse and the limo is a van, but you won’t hear me complaining.  Nope, life has proven it can always get worse.  I get to eat gluten free, dairy free, and all organic which I have recently started to reap benefits from even though it caused me hyponatremia and landed my butt in the hospital after a seizure.  Additionally, there’s practically nothing I can eat at a restaurant.  But it should afford me a healthier life, and I can always eat fictitiously through my characters.  Some have already stated the joys of making gluten free pancakes or muffins, but there’s something about going out to eat every once in awhile that calls to me.

Oh yeah, I almost forgot the horse pills for seizures I take every night that may make me anxious, depressed, paranoid, cause dizziness, restlessness and even seizures.  Did I mention I take three of them?  Oh, and they can also make swallowing difficult. The joys never cease!

All kidding aside, I’m profoundly grateful to my family, the medical staff/paramedics, the medications to control seizures, strep along with my other maladies, a Doctorate in Pharmacy to navigate through these shark infested waters of the medical field, and last, but certainly not least, the ability to write, read in short bouts, and listen to audible books.  Writing is therapeutic, and I’m thankful for the ability to continue down this path of Authorhood with you all in my corner.

I’d be remiss if I ended without some semblance of hope.  My father has always stated in times of complete darkeness that, ” The sun will always rise tomorrow.”  And, indeed, it will!

Cheers to all who brave their own battles daily!  And to all my writer friends, plot on;)


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