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Hello, my fellow mystery lovers! Today is a glorious day. I’ve been nose deep in murderous affairs and creating mischief for you (So please don’t be too miffed that I haven’t posted in a while). But before I dive into the world of things that go bump in the night, might I ask a question? You know that feeling you get when something is accomplished? Finished? Done? Fried? Baked and served? You get the drift. Well… today I’m thrilled to announce that my next mystery book is back from the editor, and I’m giddy as a child at Disney World. Graded for Murder, the new Book 1 of The Kaitlynn Dahl Mysteries is ready for launch! Since I’ve revamped this website, there have been a few kinks to work out, and rest assured, I’m on them. Until then, I thought I’d pop in and say “Hello” and wish all you mystery lovers a wonderful week! This is a community of mystery lovers; so comment below what books you’re reading. Don’t forget to leave that author a review!

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