Newest book: The Protectorate

College student Anna Caldwell's life turns upside down after a traumatic car accident lands her in the hospital broken and battered with an ability to hear a voice inside her head. A series of unfortunate events leads Anna to learn she is part of a top-secret governmental organization, known as Department 126, whose last assignment led to her memories of being an agent erased. Upon attempting a procedure to regain her past identity, Anna comes face-to-face with 'the voice', initiating a two thousand year old rite of passage that pits Anna against varying factions whose strive for power places not only her life in peril, but the world's.

About the Author

Hello, and welcome to my blog! My interests in writing took hold in childhood while traveling and moving near and far across the USA. Plenty of opportunities availed to escape inside my mind imagining a day in the life of Colorado pioneers or that of a soldier during the American Revolution. History has always fascinated me and has influenced my life in so many wonderful ways. While my Indie writing and publishing adventures have only just begun, my stories developed years ago, and I am thrilled to introduce them to the world. A mix of history blended with that of fantasy, I hope to entertain and take the reader on a mind vacation entwining a whole range of emotions. Besides my writing adventures, my background in editing, specifically proofreading, has allowed me the opportunity to meet great authors, and I look forward to polishing more works of art. So, sit back, relax and learn with me on this chaotic ride of a lifetime, and thanks again for visiting my site! Cheers, KD

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