A special “Thank you” to all those that voted in the poll! From the looks of it, Author Artwork and History Mysteries won out with Book Reviews a close third. Since Author Artwork ranked near the top (and I’ve set pencil to paper for the first time in a while), I present to you my latest attempt at drawing. This is my very first attempt at drawing an eye. Although there’s a ton to learn, I’m having a great time doing it! What do you think? Do I have an “eye” for art?!

First attempt at drawing an eye for this inaugural Author Artwork post.
Artwork by K.D. Upton ©

Hopefully, y’all appreciate the artwork, and for those of you that voted for History Mysteries, then you shall not be disappointed. I’m working on a History Mysteries post for sometime later this week. It’ll feature none other than Abraham Lincoln. Try that one on for size, let the mental juices flow, and check back to join the conversation once it’s posted.

Additionally, for Book Reviews, I’m currently reading Vance Pumphrey’s latest “Die & Don’t: Defense of the Land Book 2 (Valdaar’s Fist Volume 6)” which is a fabulous read thus far. Can’t wait to highlight it once I’ve finished. Vance Pumphrey writes thrilling Epic Fantasy and has a slew of other great books to read. Check them out here!

Die & Don't by Vance Pumphrey
Cover Design by Joe Calkins©

From Author Artwork to History Mysteries and Book Reviews, we’ll have plenty to discuss! So for now, please enjoy the artwork, and get ready for a conversation starter on either Wednesday or Thursday of this week on Abraham Lincoln. Also, I love to hear from you. Please comment below about the artwork, or if you have a favorite book that you’ve read and love, then please post that, too. We can all use a good book right now! Until next time…

Happy reading,


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